We Allow Signs to Talk;

Tell your Story.

Listen to a Story.

Our Intelligent QR code system allow viewers to choose how to receive information from nearby businesses or other advertising they have just seen or maybe just heard.

The iQR system makes it easy to Give and Get information. Anyone may Get information by using our app, scanning a Direct QR, or, getting and refreshing any of our five category specific "What's Nearby?" location widgets. See them here. 

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Real Estate-Residential, Commercial, Leasing, Auction


Giving Information

Our Intelligent QR Code system allows you to use one sign for all of your listings.

 Available as a rider

Setting up an account is easy. If you do social media, you can create you own account. Follow these steps:
Step 1.     Watch the Video  
                 Read Explanation of the Property badge
                 Read our explanation of the system PDF
                 Read how to set up your account UPDATED 
                 Create your information badge
Once people have the property widget in their phones, all they have to do is tap it to get your info without leaving their car. Get the widget now to have it when you need it.
Both the widget and the app work within 1200 feet of the empowered sign.

 Getting Information                                      Property Badge Explained                         We have three ways of allowing a consumer to connect with the information your Property sign represents:                                                                                     1. Scan the Central QR code;                                                 2. Use the "What's Nearby?",  Location Based QR;        3. Use the app which also has a map with pins for each location listed.           

Getting Started?  Follow these steps:
Step 1.     Watch the Video  
                 Read our explanation of the system PDF
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Promote Your Brand From The Store On Your Street, to  

Throughout An Area

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You have a business? From a storefront to your vehicles; Whether your yard signs or billboards, and even on to your TV ad's, we can make your business more accessible to the consumer.

Click "What's Nearby?" which opens the location QR widget for Brand's. See "What's Nearby" where you are now. This always opens the directory of businesses within range of the viewer. Your business could and should be in this directory. Review the list below and see the types of businesses listed, and find one that might be similar to your situation.

We make it easy to Get and Give information, in the moment.

Giving Information                                                                 Setting up an account is easy. If you do social media, you can create you own account. Follow these steps:
Step 1.     Watch the Video
                 Read Explanation of the Brand Badge 
                 Read our explanation of the system PDF
                 Read how to set up your account 
                 Create your information badge
List of Demonstration Videos 
Video:   Focus on Church using yard signs
Our Food Pantry 'Charity' demonstration works in over 40  cities across the US.                       
   Read the PDF                                                                             Watch the Video          

Click Badge to learn more                        Explanation of Brand Badge shown here                                 

Getting Information?  Follow these steps:
Step 1.     Watch the Video  
                 Read our explanation of the system PDF     
                     Visit your app store

                   Get out there and Get Going

Watch the Video                                                      Brick and Mortar or on the road, every business needs advertising that reaches consumers on the move.  You know how much leads cost; Generate more on your own!

Government and Municipal Communication

Keep Constituents Informed

Our intelligent QR Code system allows anyone with a smart phone to safely get information from your signs, with or without using an app.

Both the app and the widget work within 1200 feet of an empowered government sign.

Any consumer should be able to easily obtain information from any government sign, safely and conveniently. Now it is easily and inexpensively done.
One Information badge for a department, useable for any  signage!
Our Location Based QR Code and its accompanying  'widget',  can be used for departments such as Zoning, Police, Utilities, Transportation, or Public Works.
          The information is there; Now it can be made easily and usefully accessible!

When people understand the work being done, they can endure the delay's with something to look forward to.

Click image to view more explanation of the badge.                                                                                  This information badge has three ways for consumers to get information.                                                                                                                                        First, the prominent Direct access (subscription) QR code that takes the viewer to all Public works projects in this area listed alphabetically.                                                                                                                                                                     Second is our app, in this case the keyword is Public Works. The app also contains our map; each location has a pin on the map.                                                                                                                           Thirdly, our "What's Nearby", location based QR code. It opens our 'widget', a web page that may be bookmarked and provides links to all nearby government listings.                                        (Public works, Zoning, Utility,  Transportation, etc.)                                                       Request a demo for your city, town, or state.                     info@query-point.com

Historic Sites and Markers

Historical Markers

One QR, All of your markers!
Enlist your local Historical society to empower the markers in your town. 
Use our 'What's Nearby' , Location Based QR Code 'widget' for historic markers and it is easy for viewers to get info even if they don't have our app. What you see on the marker is only the beginning of the story!
 App users may get information by saying the title of the marker, or, the default keyword, “Hey Marker”. Range for both the app and the "widget"  is 1200 ft, a 2400 foot "umbrella".

A channel provides the opportunity for presenting far more information than can be placed on a marker itself.
The initial response using the app is audio.
Our Location Based QR codes provide universal access to the information on the marker, though the use of our 'Widget'. If you scan the QR, seen here, it opens the 'Widget', which in turn asks permission to use your location. It will then scan and retrieve information from any nearby markers and sites, and present the information as clickable links.
It then goes to sleep, but may be refreshed to get info from markers at another location as needed.
Also included is a QR that opens to a list of all of the markers in your directory, sorted alphabetically.
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Most markers tell a one dimensional story.                      

If you are visiting Nashville Tennessee, download our app or use this "What's Nearby?" Location Based QR to grab information from any of the city's historic markers. Scan the Subscription QR (center) and see all of Nashville's markers as a searchable list.