You need an Intelligent QR Code System to get information

from a sign into the smartphone of a viewer. 

That's what we do.

We allow the Give and Get of information to

flow easily, safely, and in a useful manner.

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This opens the Brand 'Widget', a web page that looks for and presents to you a roster of any Brand items you are within range of.  It grabs everything from local mom n' pops to regional advertisers. This list is alphabetized and sortable A-Z or Z-A. It is searchable too. Save the page and use it as often as you need.  Local and Neighborhood Entities:   Businesses, churches, schools, any entity with a fixed location in a neighborhood can promote their identity and make it easy for people to share knowledge and contact information. For them we offer a .5 mile range service, which is a wider range than the other fixed location services. These entities have a choice of a free basic service or a paid service.                    Broader Range Promoters/Advertisers,    for example a well known school, a college or a University might want people to be able to access their information from the surrounding community; advertisers place ads on buses, contractors wrap their vehicles;  A brand with many billboards might use this service. Politicians, Causes and Charities can all utilize this type service to make their promotion more effective. For any and all of these uses we have a choice of ranges, ranging from 4 Miles to 75 Miles. This is the equivalent of an 8 mile diameter umbrella and a 150 mile diameter umbrella, respectively.

 This opens the Property 'widget'. This is a webpage that opens, looks around for what property information is listed in the directory, and presents it to the viewer as a roster. The range is 1200 feet from the property in question. It can be a property for sale, for rent or for lease. It can be an auction. It can be either residential or commercial. It is the a place where the buyer can communicate directly with the seller.                             Agents, commercial or residential, whether for sales or leasing, can all make it easy for people to grab information about one of their properties. This information may then be shared with the viewers own friends and contact groups.  Agents have and should take advantage of the opportunity to promote themselves directly to potential buyers and sellers.   

 This opens the Government Services 'widget'.  Like all of our 'What's Nearby?', Location Based QR code widgets, it is simply a webpage that refreshes each time you use it. It provides you with a roster of any government listings within a range of 1200 feet.   These could be Public Works, Zoning, Transportation, Parks, Utilities or Tourism: the widget simply presents you with a clickable list.  Save the page and use it as often as you need.   Government services:Now it is practical and inexpensive for government departments to share the important work they perform everyday with all of us as it progresses.Utilities, Public Works, Zoning, Codes, Police, Parks, Transportation; they can take us underground into our drains and water lines or provide drone images of overall projects. They can easily tell all of us the when, where, and why, and perhaps, even give us an understanding of cost of any project being undertaken in our area, no matter how large or how small.

 This opens the Historic Marker widget. The range of operation is 1200 feet from the marker.                                                                     Historic Markers:Our service for Historic Markers and sites is another example of a fixed location service.