GPS based audio request and response for info. Our basic service is a Free, GPS based, Voice accessible mobile website with QR code. For Real Estate, Out of Home advertising, local businesses and schools.

We will be following our Twitter feed and reviewing emails sent to us through our portal:

We will make this searchable by topic as we move forward.


1/12/22  Recommended;  Convertio, a Chrome extension, to convert audio to MP3 if needed. Free


The app is free to users, both on Android and iOS. We do not require credit card validation.

We do not collect personal information from users.

Talking QR Code Badges,

Talking QR Code badges are symbols of information availability and provide access to info for non-app users.

Pricing for advertisers depends upon which category of service they choose.


What are icons and how do they work?

Icons are found on the map page of the app and on our website and represent each Query-Point advertiser at the particular location of that icon. Radius service icons may be placed to optimize a service area. The icon does tell you the range of service. Icons are useful for looking ahead on your route or, for looking back at something you may have missed.

Icons are there for safety and convenience.


How does pricing work?

There is no charge for users to use the system other than their normal data cost from their carrier and any sms fee or talk time incurred when and if the user reaches out to an advertiser. Advertiser pricing is noted above and there are no additional fees.


What information is gathered by Query-Point?

We gather the time of the connection, the location, and of course what “keyword” was spoken.


What information is provided to advertisers?

They will know only the time and location of a connection. If a user contacts the advertiser, via phone, text message or email, they will of course know that information as well.


Is Query-Point a “push” system?

No. Users ask for information. We will have a setting that will allow the user to automatically receive information, for example, when looking for a restaurant when driving by or perhaps looking at houses.


Is Query-Point designed for drivers?

Yes! You say the keyword into the app and the response is audio; the other information can be reviewed when it is safe to do so.


What is geo-fencing?

When a user gets close to the spot where an advertiser has a sign, the GPS position comes into range, or, within the fence, of the GPS position of that sign. The system can then activate when the users speaks a keyword into the app.


I already have a website; Is Query-Point useful for me?

Yes! The Query-Point system is a gateway to whatever Internet presence your entity has, whether a website or social media pages.


As a user, how may I connect with an advertiser?

The advertiser can select to allow a user to connect via creating a phone call to that advertiser, creating a text message or, create an email; Or, all of the above.


As a user, do I need a social media page to use Query-Point?

No. But it is a great way to share the neat stuff you find.


Do advertisers need a social media page to use Query-Point?

No. But most users do use social media to share interesting material they find.


Where can I download the Query-Point app?

We are available through Google Play and the App store from Apple.


Is the Query-Point app free?



Does Query-Point support pop-up ads?



How does the voice recognition work?

The system listens for Keywords that activate only at particular GPS points.


What are default keywords?

“Hey Property” is the default keyword for our real estate listing service. It will retrieve all listings within the geo-fence that the user is in.

Check all of our default keywords in our homepage


Can I keep my searches and review them at a later time?

Of course you can! Look in the history screen in the app and if you want to keep an item or you just didn’t have time to check it and you want to do it later, it will be there. We want it to be easy and clear and added some icons that show what sort of item it is and everything is displayed by day.


Does it need to be connected to Internet?

Yes, Query-Point app works using a geofence and a database that requires internet connection.