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You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.
Steve Jobs

Our goal is simple: When a viewer sees a sign of any type, we want the viewer to be able to request the information that that sign represents. The request may be made through either the use of our app, or, entering the system through the scan of a QR code.

There are a myriad of real estate apps on the market. From Zillow to every major real estate franchise, both proprietary and white label, real estate apps are everywhere.

We are not a real estate app. We are a facilitator for getting information, in this case about your property, into the viewer’s smart phone.
– What we say here applies to Government Service signs, and with slight permutations to our Local Business program, and our area wide Brand program.

– We designed this information badge, which includes the Location Based QR Code for that purpose.

– Covid pushed QR’s into daily mainstream use. Restaurants make you scan the QR laminated to the table to read the menu.

The use of QR’s in real estate and for other types of signage has been lagging for several reasons, including the QR is only attached to a specific property, and if you had 10 properties you would need ten different QR codes; Another is the fact you had to walk up to the sign and scan them, not always a safe or convenient thing to do.

– Our Information badge works on all types of signage because one QR is attached to a widget that uses the location of the viewer and returns to the viewer property or sign information found within 1200 feet of the viewer’s location.(Broader ranges for the Brand program)

The other QR, is one that opens links to all of all of your listings currently in your subscription.

The Location Based QR, the Query-Point app and the Subscription QR, all access information from our directory.

Agents or brokers or MLS systems must place the information into the directory. This is as easy as creating a social media post and once you have done it the first time it gets pretty routine.
After all, an agent has already written the blurb, taken the pictures and if they have a hosted property video, have all of the needed materials at hand.

More about the ‘widget’:
– The widget is not an app. A lot of folks are resistant to add apps to their phones especially ones that might be doing tracking and triggering push messages.
But we want people to grab the widget so that when they see the Information Badge on your sign, they know they don’t have to leave the car to get the info.
All they need do is refresh the widget and the information is in their hand.

This overcomes so many issues for viewers.
If you are moving in your car can you keep up with what street you are on let alone property addresses?
Agent signs are all different. Can you pick up the name or company name, and really, were the last four digits of the phone number 1234 or 1243?
A viewer might be just looking, setting a personal goal, or thinking about a family member or colleague that might be moving to town, and just scoping out some areas;

We want to make it as easy as possible for ordinary people to view your properties.

That is what our system does.
We hope you will try it.
Steve Ray

Meet the Widget family   Promote the widget now. Then update your signage as you are able.

Be sure to size the Information badge on your sign to be easily read by a smart phone at at least six feet of distance. We have a template on our sign page. The standard badge for a 24 by 18 sign is 2.5 by 5.