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1/2 Mile Radius Pricing (Local Umbrella) here

4 Mile Radius Pricing (8 mile Umbrella) here

15 Mile Radius Pricing (30 Mile Umbrella) here

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Think outside the box when promoting your business!

A Local Business or Neighborhood entity might use our "local" .5 mile range of service

A school or a church using yard signs might use our 4-mile radius service.

Bus and bus bench advertisers, billboard advertisers, along with operators of service vehicles such as caterers, window company's, landscapers or painters might use a 15 mile radius or broader.

 Any group that promotes a message, can choose from our 15, 30, 40 and 75 mile ranges of service, depending on their need.(Umbrellas of coverage of  1, 8, 30, 60, 80, and 150  miles respectively.)

If you:

-Have a storefront, a church, or a neighborhood entity;
– Advertise on buses or billboards;
– Have service or other vehicles out on the road;
– Have a political or charitable cause;
– Have any type of brand to promote;
You need our Brand Marketing program!

Provide consumers with the information they want when they are thinking about it!

Brand Marketing

Four Ways your Brand’s Message may be shared and accessed:

– Direct Access QR code

– The Keyword used for the Query-Point     voice app.
– The pin on the map in the app.
– The Location Based QR ‘Widget’


Choose the umbrella of coverage your business needs. Ranging from 1/2 mile local service to 75 mile radius.

Choose from 1/2, 4, 15, 30, 40, and 75 mile radius of service



Think outside of the algarhythms. With the political season upon us, why would any candidate put our a yard sign, banner, poster, or printed ad of any type without our information badge? It provides instant access to voice, video, donation and sign up pages, plus links to all of your social media pages and websites in one place. Watch the VIDEO.

Food Pantry operates as a demo in all major and many minor size US cities across the country. Try it for yourself.

Curious about a car brand or a  dealership but haven't take the time to go looking? Use the app or grab the QR. 

Query-Point® is a platform for getting information from signs of all types, through the use of our app, into the hands of consumers

The app and service is always free to app users;

Brand Marketing is intended to help businesses enhance the effectiveness of not only their advertising but their presence;

Every billboard, bus bench ad, company service or delivery truck or even a promotional coffee cup, becomes a part of your integrated marketing system

Cover an area with your brand.

More Info:

– A consumer that has our free app, when within the set mile radius chosen by the advertiser, says the name of the promoted brand or company and will then hear and receive the information you, as the advertiser, want to provide;
– The app user now has you in their phone for retrieval any time, and for sharing with friends and on social media;
– That info will always be the latest that you have posted.
– A consumer that has scanned and bookmarked the location based QR code ‘widget’, will get a list of all of the listings in the area. You can get the ‘widget’ anywhere. Scan the QR above get the widget on your phone.
– Plus with the information badge, you may also place a simple direct access QR that simply takes a viewer directly to your site.