Grab your phone and do our demonstration

This is our Nationwide Demonstration of the Query-Point system

Watch the video HERE

Scan the Direct QR above; Then scan the Location QR. While you are here , scan     Learn More

Scan this location QR and meet our location 'Widget'


This demo will show you how to use our system.

These are typical ‘yard’ signs. No matter what type of signage you are viewing, the information badge notifies viewer of the presence of information and provides the viewer with access to that information.

Query-Point® is a platform that allows sign based advertising of any type to be more effective by getting information represented by a sign into the smart phones of consumers.

This is accomplished three ways:
Use of the Direct access QR code,
Using the voice activated app, (Including the map feature found in the app) and
Using our Location based QR code widget.

Watch the video. It does a good job of giving you an overall view.

To participate in the demo, grab your smart phone and scan the Direct QR seen on either of the signs in the left column. This will look very familiar to you if you have viewed the video.

Next, using your smart phone, scan the Location Based QR Code seen here in the left column: The location widget will open and ask permission to use your location. It will then look around and return any information it finds as links. The links are sorted alphabetically and sortable. It is actually a website address, and it may be refreshed as often as needed to get the latest info from any locations within range as the user seeks to view. We encourage viewers to bookmark it in their phone.

Grab our free app at the top of the page.

If you download our free app, you can speak into the mic “Vote” or “Food Pantry” and listen to same audio as seen in the videos.

You will find it increasingly useful for asking for and hearing from businesses, government departments, real estate promotion and historic markers.