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Promote yourself and your listings.

You worked hard to earn the listing that your sign represents.

Take control of your sign.

Put our system to work for you and your clients. 

If you can do social media, you can handle this!

Three ways buyers can learn about your listing. (And, potential buyers and sellers can learn about YOU)

1.  Buyers without an app can learn about your property by using our "What's Nearby?", Location Based QR Code 'widget' when our Information Badge is placed on your sign.

When you scan the Location Based QR code, our 'widget' opens and asks to use the viewers location. If allowed, it then presents information from any nearby listings. Anyone can get the widget anywhere, anytime. For Example, Click here.

2. We also show the subscription QR code. This acts like a direct access QR that we are all accustomed to. It opens to a list of only your listings. Using the subscription QR means you only need one sign. All of your signs may be printed the same. (We also provide you with a Direct QR for each listing for times when you might need it.)

3. App users always get your information directly by asking. Plus, app users can click on your property's pin on the map in the app.

The great thing for consumers is your sign can deliver  your property information without the viewer needing to leave the comfort of their car.

They don't need to download an app. Being a web-link, the 'Widget' may be bookmarked and refreshed over and over again. 

Extend the reach of your sign


Service is $8 per month for a block of 10 active locations.

Everytime a listing sells, you remove it from your active list and open up that slot for a new listing.


Click on the image for more information about our Location Based QR Code Badge.                                         This is what the location 'Widget' might look like with a couple of nearby listings. The benefit to the looker is not having to leave their car.            

Click here to watch our roadside video.  From 1200 feet away and, on the map in the app.

Get your Information Badge Template here. Click for PDF 

Explanation of our Information Badge

Your Sign is Important!

Make it easy for anyone to grab your listing information without leaving the comfort of their car.

We have audio. Use it to your advantage to tell your story.

Query-Point® is a platform for getting your advertising into the hands of consumers.

Running down the list of features and benefits.

Each listing will then have a pin on the map in the app at the particular location. Because we do this, it will allow app users to get info either by driving by or clicking on the pin on the map.

Paid Service is $8 (plus applicable sales tax) per month for a block of 10 listings.

Because getting the word out is so important, this information is easily shared, on almost any platform.
The app and service is always free to app and ‘Widget” users. .
The Query-Point system is the easiest way to get the latest, most up to date information about a property from a seller to a potential buyer in a mobile environment. It works for residential, commercial, auction, and rural properties.

Anyone can get your info using our Location Based Enhanced QR. The ‘Widget’ makes it really easy to learn about and share your listing.

The viewer must be within 1200 feet of the property for either the widget or the voice component of the app to work. (This is a 2400 ft. “umbrella” within which the audio component will work) The app user may then say the name of the agent or the name of the real estate company and receive the info the seller placed into the directory. The ‘Widget’ user merely refreshes the ‘Widget”.

Both Buyers and Sellers look around when they need an agent.

First, this is a platform where an agent can tell about themselves, easily and directly to people who may need their services.

Secondly, When both buyers and sellers are looking for an agent, they will not only ask around, they will look at listings and marketing; Your most obvious marketing tool is the sign in front of your listing.

Remember, Don’t forget about promoting yourself.

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