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21st Century Markers Video

Query-Point Allows Access To Historic Marker Information Several Ways:

– Our Voice Activated, Audio Response app. Simply say “Hey Marker” and listen to the text of the marker being read. The app also includes having a pin on map found in the app.


– Universal access through both our “What’s Nearby”,Location Based Enhanced QR Code as well as a conventional QR code.

Scan the Location Based QR code seen here and meet our location ‘widget’.

Scan the Direct QR code seen here see a searchable list of the markers in Nashville Tennessee.

Our Hosting Service is $12 (plus applicable sales tax) per month per block of 100 markers

About the system: Query-Point uses the fixed GPS location of a location or sign, and compares that to the GPS location of the viewer, either a viewer using our app. or a viewer using the LBQR 'Widget'.  When the two locations come within range of each other (called a geo-fence), the system will respond. App users will receive an audio response and the 'Widget' will provide clickable links to any nearby marker or site information. Both avenues will respond within a 1200 foot range between the subject and the viewer.

Query-Point® is a platform for getting information from signs of all types, through the use of our Location based, Enhanced QR Code, along with our app, into the hands of consumers.

The app and “location widget” is free to users.

Our hosting Service is $12 (plus applicable sales tax) per month per block of 100 markers.

The Query-Point app and the “What’s Nearby”,location based QR Code system makes it easy to learn more about the history and historical sites that surround us.

The App or the ‘Widget’

Audio is always first using the app.

The audio may be either text to speech or a recorded voice reading the marker text, maybe even with music in the background. Also, what is heard is not limited to what is on the marker.

There can be multiple pictures to view.

Contact points could include phone, text, and email.

Video can be posted. Additionally there may be links to several websites and to multiple social media pages.

The “What’s Nearby”, Location ‘Widget’ provides links to the same information. It does not require an app, and the ‘Widget’ may be refreshed as a viewer moves from marker to marker.

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